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You've arrived at a most excellent resource for viewing photos of and learning more about the planet's most sought after marijuana seeds and strains. Highly-potent, THC-loaded cannabis is the gift that nature has provided to help individuals to feel better when afflicted with any number of health maladies. Savvy scientists and creative pot hybrid artists continue to develop new strains for the masses to benefit from. Medical marijuana legislation is flooding the Supreme Courts of almost every state now, with more than a dozen having already approved its usage.

Use this resource to learn about the properties of selected marijuana strains. You'll discover which strains produce which affects, and by doing so discover the specific types of marijuana that may best treat your unique symptoms. And of course, remember that the list of seeds and strains presented here will continue to lengthen as time passes. So relax your mind and travel into the world where weed is as it should be: a natural herbal remedy for helping millions of people, and other animals, feel better each day. Enjoy!

Quality Cannabis Seeds
Before you get started growing a crop either in a room or outdoors you need to choose the best seeds for your project.
If you think any ol' seed you find is going to produce a decent plant, you're dead wrong.
Scuffing cannabis seeds
Scraping your precious seeds with sandpaper? Never! Except for this time. It will likely assist them in germinating.
Storing Marijuana Seeds
Knowing the best methods for storing marijuana seeds is imperative if you want to save money in the long run. Improperly stored cannabis seeds will not develop into high quality medicinal grade pot.
Seed Purchasing Tips
Taking the time to research and learn about safe medicinal cannabis seed purchasing tips can save you from being ripped off by unethical online marijuana seed merchants.
Germinating Cannabis Seeds
Growing the best medical marijuana at home all starts with effectively germinating your cannabis seeds. Darkness, humidity, temperature and ventilation are all very important.
Feminized Seeds
Nobody wants seedy male marijuana plants growing in their home garden. Purchasing feminized cannabis seeds is the best way to go for many budding cultivation experts.
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