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Scuffing Seeds

Scuffing cannabis seeds

Most seeds will germinate anywhere from 36 hours to 12 days. However, if most of your seeds have germinated, and a few which were started at the same time remain unchanged, then you may want to scuff these. The most likely reason that these seeds have not germinated when the others have is due to a thick shell, which the seedling cannot break through. When it fails to do this, water will not be able to penetrate the shell and therefore allow the seed to grow.

To safely thin the shell, line a small box (such as a matchbox or concentrate container) with sandpaper. Place the seed or seeds in the box and shake it thoroughly for 2 or 3 minutes. Once you have done this, place them back in the soil, rockwool or paper towels and they should be able to germinate much easier in a few days. If for some reason this method does not work, you shouldn’t bother trying to continue germination as it likely means they will not turn into a desirable plant.

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Guest | Feb 17, 2013
i been trying to get a hold of feminised seeds. I am using CFL lights to grow. any useful tips?
Guest | Jul 22, 2011
i did this yesterday on my own haha i tryed germinating 8 seeds 2 were duds n with one of the 6 tht were good one wasnt opening so on the 2nd day i squeezed barely with any pressure n it opened n the root came out like when i pull my dick out of my pants lol so this really works now i wait to see if the plant will b good
Herb Lady | Jun 12, 2011
Good helpful information. It's nice to know there is something to try before just giving up. I apprecite the posting!
sbsdewb | Apr 23, 2011
this is very interesting and I have just tried it. After reading this it made me wonder so I am trying it and will be back soon to let everyone know how it turns out.
smokestack | Mar 25, 2011
Never heard of this before, but it makes perfect sense. Will do if I have a stubborn seed
CannabisGril | Mar 21, 2011
I tried this and talked to a good friend that owns a dispensary and just to let everyone know it did work wonders
lindzzz | Mar 19, 2011
I have had one or two seeds that just didn't open, and I never knew why. I figured they were just dead but they looked healthy, darker stripes and light brownish color. I wish I had known back then that you can safely do that to seeds, I always assumed that trying to open the shell would just kill it completely. I ended up throwing those seeds out, but I will definitely remember this for next time.
CannabisGril | Mar 13, 2011
AMAZING! I did not know that would work. I will give it a try my next go around. When you purchase seeds, this will help keep that from being a waste.
HolyKush | Mar 8, 2011
Wow, This is interesting. I have never heard of doing this before. I am going to give it a try. Wish I would have read this sooner!