Growing Seeds Storing Marijuana Seeds

Storing Marijuana Seeds

Storing Marijuana Seeds

Keeping your medicinal cannabis seeds viable and healthy until you're ready to germinate and grow them is an important set of knowledge for the serious weed cultivator. The wasted time, energy, money, space and thought given to dealing with lifeless cannabis seeds is not desirable. A dead seed brings no goodness to the mind of the medical marijuana patient and therefore should be avoided at all costs!

How to Properly Store Cannabis Seeds:

  • Keep them dry.
  • Keep them airtight.
  • Keep them warm, not hot.
  • Keep them in the darkness.

It's pretty simple really: marijuana seeds need moisture, warmth and oxygen to germinate. If you do not want your weed seeds to sprout roots, then deny them what they need. Here's what to do:

  • Place seeds in an airtight plastic bag. Vacuum packed in best.
  • Place the airtight, sealed bag with seeds inside into another, light-blocking bag.
  • Place both bags inside the vegetable crisper section of your fridge.
  • Your seeds should remain viable over 2 years if need be.

Storing your precious marijuana seeds properly can save many headaches and bring much delight. Just think about what it takes to keep them from wanting to grow and keep your pot seeds fresh for years to come!

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Guest | Sep 19, 2011
I am a breeder and the best storage method is to store the seeds in amber glass vials with a small silica gel packet and then with the lid partly open vacumn pack the vials in a seal a meal type bag. Store these sealed bags in the freezer and keep them frozen until ready to germinate. I normally get 85-95 percent germination with strong plants even after up to seven years in the freezer. I am all about preserving great genetics and even use tissue culture cloning with my plants but that is a whole differant set of techniques.
Guest | Sep 13, 2011
Put your seeds in an "airtight" baggie, then put the baggie in a truly AIRTIGHT Mason jar. Store your pot in Mason jars, too!
Guest | Sep 6, 2011
i store my extra seeds in air tight plastic then into a humidor at about 70 -75 degrees this seems to keep all of the seeds at an even temp great to store for a life time
lindzzz | Mar 31, 2011
I have always stored seeds in a small container, but I did notice that they dry out. I haven't grown in a while so I bet all of mine are dry. I never knew you were supposed to keep them in the fridge, and when I have more time and start growing again I will definitely remember that tip.
smokestack | Mar 25, 2011
All you need is a cold dark place to store an airproof container with your seeds and they should last a long time. Don't ruin your investment by not taking care of them.
Marijuanamama | Mar 19, 2011
I haven't stored any seeds but I watched my brother get really pissed when his favorite seeds mildewed cause he didn't keep them in a spot that was always the same temperature. I like the tip from CannabisGril I will spread the word to him maybe he will have better luck with that addition.
CannabisGril | Mar 14, 2011
I found a great little item to throw in with your seeds when storing them is the little packets that come in Beef Jerky. You get to enjoy a bag of jerky and those little packets keep your seeds nice and dry. That dark is also a very needed feature when storing them, I am not sure why but it does make a major difference. The seeds I store in the dark germinate lots easier than the ones stored in lighted areas.
HolyKush | Mar 8, 2011
I have never really gone out of my way to store my seeds. I usually just keep them in baggies or little medical containers. Also keep them in the dark, its not dark ALL THE TIME but most of the time. I have never had a problem storing them this way.
CannaConnoisseur | Jan 13, 2011
That way is probably the best way to store your cannabis seeds, but if for whatever reason that isn't convenient or possible there is another way I have successfully used to store seeds. If you have any of the plastic hash containers that dispensaries usually give, that will be handy. Place your seeds in the container and then place that container in an airtight plastic bag. This serves a dual purpose. Moisture can sometimes get through plastic bags such as Ziploc. Also, the bag will help keep oxygen from slowly seeping into the plactic container. Place the bag in a bag that you cannot see through, and store in the bottom of a closet or as close to the ground as you can get. The reason for this is that cold air sinks and thus your seeds will be as cold as possible. Again, I would only suggest this if the above method is for whatever reason unavailable.