Strains Tahoe Blue Kush

Tahoe Blue Kush Strain

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  • Classification: Indica (55%)/sativa (45%)
  • Parents: Tahoe Gold Kush x (Blue Thai x Tahoe Gold Kush)
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
  • Garden Skills: Beginner
  • Flowering Time: 8 - 9 weeks
  • Medical Uses: Nausea, glaucoma, inflammation, depression, headaches, PMS
  • Breeder: Master Thai
  • Buzz Rating: Tahoe Blue Kush tastes like blueberry-flavored candy, with a Kush aftertaste. The high hits you upon exhale, with a warm sensation running from the top of your head to your waist.

    Blue Thai is a cross of Blueberry Oregon Rainbow x unknown Thai strain. This was then bred with Tahoe Gold Kush, which is a Skunk #1 x Hindu Kush cross. The resulting offspring of Blue Thai x Tahoe Gold Kush was then pollinated with a Tahoe Gold Kush male. Both the aroma and flavors are of sweet and fruity candy, with a subtle hint of Kush. These buds are neither dense nor airy, are slightly elongated and have long orange pistils covering a mat of shimmering, sticky trichomes. Eighths of this bud generally run anywhere from $40 - $55 in dispensaries.

    The Kush and Blueberry were able to bring down the notoriously long flowering time of most Thai strains, while retaining potency. Indoors these ladies will flower in 8 Ė 9 weeks. Their outdoor counterparts are typically ready by the middle of October. They can also thrive in a greenhouse, due to the Thai background of a humid environment, so growers should not stray away from greenhouse cultivation, whenever possible. The breeder, Master Thai, also recommends this strain to anyone who is a beginner, but looking for a potent strain that isnít as difficult as, say, Jack Herer to grow. Many growers also like to use the trimmings to make butter rather than hash, as the butter made from this strain is notoriously delicious.

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