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Shanti Shiva Strain

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  • Type: Indica/Sativa
  • Yield: Heavy
  • Flowering Time Required: between 50 and 55 days;
  • Cross: Kush x Afghani x Skunk #1
  • Bred by: Sensi Seeds

The Shanti Shiva Strain of medicinal marijuana is a special type that Sensi Seeds released in order to commemorate the merging of two sizable sets of breeding plants, brought together in order to form the Sensi Seed Bank in the early nineties. Specifically, Shiva and Shanti are the twin daughters of Ben Dronkers, the founder of the company. Now, naming a strain of medicinal cannabis after your twin daughters must mean that you place a lot of value on that strain. Shanti Shiva marijuana is a lovely plant bread from a traditional Afghani cultivar named Garlic Bud, a strain that demonstrates the finest classic Afghani qualities. Heritage Kush join in the cross which is then completed by adding the power of vigorous growing from Skunk #1.'s Shanti Shiva Marijuana Strain Buzz Rating: Rich, Full, Tangy/Honey Tastes That Deliver Potent Stress-Relieving Physical Sensation Enhancements

When you first fire up a joint rolled with the Shanti Shiva cannabis strain, you'll feel her effects set in quickly. She'll take your body over when she delivers her potent THC-loaded medicinal qualities. Your anxiety will melt away. Your mind will relax. You'll be able to breathe and truly slow down for a while. She tastes like acidic raw garlic mixed with honey, smells like garlicky Skunk, sets in fast, is easy to grow, produces little odor when flowering, is a heavy yielder and packs a very powerful buzz. Shanti Shiva's stoney buzzage is just what the Dr. orders if you suffer from chronic stress, anxiety, insomnia and many other serious medical conditions. Do not hesitate one second longer to experience the delights that are coming to you when you tear into a bowl filled with Shanti Shiva marijuana. Go!

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sbsdewb | Apr 6, 2011
I felt the effects from this wonderful little bud almost the second I hit the pipe. It is that fast of a reactor and goes right to work on the pain in your body, relaxing it and soothing. A glorious feeling of relief.
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