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Shaman Strain

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  • Type: Sativa/Indica
  • Yield: Heavy
  • Flowering Time Required: between 53 and 63 days;
  • Cross: Purple #1 x Skunk
  • Bred by: Dutch Passion

The Shaman marijuana strain is robust and very potent. It is a F1 hybrid cross between a Purple #1 male and a beautiful, smelly Skunk female. Shaman grows best and was bred to be grown outdoors or in a greenhouse. She's naturally resistant to pests like spidermites. She also resists bud rot, mold and mildew well. She is a very distinctive cannabis strain that displays mostly Sativa traits including long distances between bud internodes. Approximately 50% of your Shaman plants will turn a beautifully dark purple as they reach full maturity. Greenhouse grows take approximately eight weeks and outdoor harvests will be ready late September or early October.'s Shaman Marijuana Buzz Rating: Sativa-Dominant Highs That Are Sensual, High Quality And Very Enjoyable!

Strong, stable genetics that have stood the tests of time are what outdoor growers crave in the Shaman cannabis strain. Don't let that discourage you from growing her indoors though, if you want to. Just focus on developing a central main bud cola and keep her bottom branching pruned away. Get a circulation fan blowing underneath her canopy and give her as much intense lighting as she can handle without raising your room temperature over 85 F. Get some carbon dioxide flowing through the air and raise your room levels up to about 1200 PPM. Now, give her the pure water, nutrients and time that she needs and let her do her thing. In less than nine weeks you can be sitting in your Stoney chair relaxing more deeply than you ever thought possible. Now, begin growing your Shaman marijuana!

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sbsdewb | Apr 6, 2011
While this was not the most potent for me it did feel like it caressed your whole senses with a wonderful feeling of warmth. If you partake of enough it had the tendency to give a few of my buddies a feeling of floating I only got the warmth myself.
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