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Riot's Sweet OG Kush Strain

Riot's Sweet OG Kush Pot Strain Buy Riot's Sweet OG Kush Seeds at Discount Prices
  • Classification: Sativa (60%)/Indica (40%)
  • Parents: Original OG Kush x Double Purple Afgooey
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
  • Garden Skills: Intermediate
  • Flowering Time: 8 - 10 weeks
  • Height: Medium
  • Yield: Moderate to Heavy
  • Medical Uses: Anorexia, nausea, chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression
  • Breeder: Riot Seeds
  • Buzz Rating: This bud is a true powerhouse strain when it comes to potency. Riot's Sweet OG Kush lasts nearly two hours and despite being sativa-dominant, is great for insomnia and eating disorders.

    The buds from Riot's Sweet OG Kush are very dense and have such an immense layer of trichomes that the nugs actually appear white. They have a classic Kush aroma and flavor with hints of earth, grape and other fruits. At most dispensaries this bud is top dollar, so expect to pay upwards of $60 for an eighth. It will be well worth it though. Such a potent strain! The flowering time can vary from 8 to 10 weeks, but it's recommended to let it go the full 10 weeks. Growers will be rewarded with a large yield and incredibly potent bud. Most growers use some type of training with this to increase the already high yield. It doesn't really matter what type of training one utilizes, but it is certainly recommended to do so. Well, what are you still doing reading this? Go out and pick up some seeds or clones today.
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