Strains Purple Skunk Dutch Treat

Purple Skunk Dutch Treat Strain

Purple-Skunk-Dutch-Treat-Strain Buy Purple Skunk Dutch Treat Seeds at Discount Prices
  • Type: Indica/Sativa Hybrid
  • Yield: Heavy
  • Flowering Time Required: between 60 and 65 days;
  • Cross: Dutch Treat x Purple Skunk
  • Bred by: East Island Seed Company

The Purple Skunk Dutch Treat strain of marijuana is famous for its depth of flavor and gentle, functional Indica-dominant stone. Like all skunks, it tastes and smells floral, yet is very strong. The Dutch Treat Sativa offers the cross its citrus/fruity flavors and mentally uplifting buzz aspects. In general, she grows into a bushy, short plant, most often under 3 foot tall. Her dark green foliage begins to turn purple, as do her buds, as she ripens to maturity. Her branches are stout, able to support heavy bud growth.'s Purple Skunk Dutch Treat Marijuana Strain Buzz Rating: Body-Loosening Pleasingly Trippy Functional Enhancement Highs!

Robust and quite dank, the Purple Skunk Dutch Treat cannabis strain will yield roughly 2 ounces per plant with a soil-based SoG cultivation setup. Hydroponics and multi-branch cultivation techniques have been known to create lower yields with this strain. She will be heavily aromatic and the environment that she creates needs to be treated with filtration devices. Taking the proper security measures to cover her scent is imperative. Her wildflower and fruit flavors complement her potency and fast onset delightfully. She goes good with fine wine and good beer and will not make you go to sleep too early. Enjoy your usage and cultivation of the Purple Skunk Dutch Treat marijuana strain beginning today!

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