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Original Misty Strain

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  • Type: Indica
  • Yield: Heavy
  • Flowering Time Required: between 49 and 63 days;
  • Cross: Misty x Misty
  • Bred by: Homegrown Fantaseeds

The Original Misty marijuana strain has been bred by Homegrown Fantaseeds by crossing Misty with Misty. She gets her name because of that fact that she is heavily "misted" with THC-loaded trichromes. Her crystal coverage is dense at least and she possesses the extreme power to knock your mind into the next dimension! She has been bred to respond excellently to almost all indoor growing techniques and produces consistently heavy yields; easily averaging 1 g per watt of light. She is easy to grow, requiring little experience or knowledge from the gardener. She's a 100% Indica original and needs to be grown with little humidity and cool temperatures.'s Original Misty Marijuana Buzz Rating: Deeply Stoney Straight-Indica Powerage That Centers And Relaxes...

The fat, gourmet bud colas of Original Misty cannabis strain smell and taste deliciously sweet. She grows uniformly and particularly prefers Sea of Green cultivation. Plant her close to her sisters to increase your per square meter yields. Expect a high degree of couchlock associated with her stony smoke. She's an excellent choice of strain for hash making and cannabis cooking as well. High keef levels also make her a no-brainer for butter production. So go ahead: jump into a big bowl of Original Misty marijuana right away - and then sit down for a nice movie, or turn on some good jams, or grab a good book, or...

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