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Old School Jams Strain

Old School Jams Pot Strain Buy Old School Jams Seeds at Discount Prices
  • Classification: Indica-dominant
  • Parents: OG Kush x Grape Ape
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Garden Skills: Intermediate
  • Flowering Time: 8 - 9 weeks
  • Yield: Moderate
  • Medical Uses: Anxiety, depression, pain relief, nausea, migraines, multiple sclerosis
  • Breeder: Apothecary Genetics
  • Buzz Rating: This bud provides a potent and soaring effect that begins very cerebrally, before becoming a more balanced head/body high. Old School Jams is a very potent strain that is great for treating a wide variety of medical ailments.

    These buds are incredibly dense and have a very pungent smell that will give it away immediately. The aroma is of freshly picked grapes, crossed with Kush. The flavor is of earth, spice and grapes, making for a very good all around strain. Look for medium-size, dense buds that absolutely glisten with white trichomes and have sparsely distributed rust-colored pistils. Old School Jams is anything but old school and can be found in dispensaries for around $55 per eighth. In order to obtain the biggest yield it's recommended for growers to allow these ladies to vegetate between 4 and 6 weeks. After they are done vegetating these ladies will flower for a very typical 8 to 9 weeks, providing a moderate harvest. While they don't have the yield of Big Bud, they do have the potency of Chem-4. Clones have shown to take root fairly easily, usually rooting within a week of being cut.
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