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Nic Endo Strain

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  • Classification: Sativa-dominant
  • Parents: Blue Dream x Bubba Kush
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
  • Flowering Time: 9 - 10 weeks
  • Height: Medium
  • Yield: Moderate
  • Medical Uses: Arthritis, nausea, pain relief, migraines
  • Breeder: Riot Seeds
  • Buzz Rating: Nic Endo is everything one could ask for in a strain. It has the potency to provide a powerful high for over an hour, combined with great flavors and aroma. Nic Endo is a good choice any time of day or night.

    Nic Endo has excellent bag appeal, flavor and potency. Suffice to say it's becoming somewhat of a connoisseur strain. The buds have great density and boast a white/blue color with the unmistakable aroma of fresh-baked blueberry muffins. Flavors are of Kush, Haze and blueberries. The effect will last around an hour or longer, with a slow and gradual comedown. No crash with this strain means it's great for day or evening use.

    Nic Endo is a moderately sized plant and is recommended to be vegetated around 4 or 5 weeks, before flowering is induced. This will help boost the yield, while keeping the finished indoor height at a reasonable level. They'll do well in a greenhouse, so long as adequate ventilation is provided. Outdoors these ladies will be ready for harvest by the end of October at the latest, providing around a pound per plant when grown directly in the ground. Nic Endo responds very well to being grown hydroponically as well, where the indoor yield can improve exponentially.

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