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Mekong Haze Strain

Mekong-Haze-Strain Buy Mekong Haze Seeds at Discount Prices
  • Type: Pure Sativa
  • Yield: Extra Heavy
  • Flowering Time Required: between 104 and 127 days;
  • Cross: Pure Columbian Sativa Landrace
  • Bred by: Delta 9 Labs

The Mekong Haze strain of marijuana is a pure Colombian Sativa landrace strain that hails from Southeast Asia. Right off the bat, you should understand, especially as an indoor marijuana gardener, that the Mekong Haze cannabis strain takes up to 18 weeks to flower. That does not include the vegetation phase, or drying, or curing. That's a long time that most indoor marijuana cultivators simply cannot afford. Time is money, and nutrients and electricity and risk. Obviously, the Mekong Haze marijuana strain is far better suited for growing outdoors.'s Mekong Haze Marijuana Buzz Rating: Unadulterated Pure Sativa Head Wipes That Create Utopia Within...

So why would anyone want to wait more than 100 days for their Mekong Haze cannabis plants to mature? The answer is simple: quality. She may be slow, but she doesn’t apologize fr it. She makes up for her tardiness, plenty, by producing extra heavy yields of distinctively-delicious Sativa bud colas. Her taste is exotic and sweetly herbal. Her genetic code makes her a stable and effective strain to select for creating your own F1 hybrid crossings. Enjoy the motivating, uplifting highs of the Mekong Haze strain of marijuana!

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Mekong Haze 4.60 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 2 user reviews.
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Guest | Jul 30, 2011
Pure Cambodian not Colombian.
sbsdewb | Mar 23, 2011
Buddy had some of this and hell yeah it was primo. But how can you not like any Colombian relatives? Seriously this for a sativa will knock you on your ass.
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