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Max 49 Strain

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  • Type: Indica/Sativa
  • Yield: Heavy
  • Flowering Time Required: between 49 and 60 days;
  • Cross: Unknown Sativa x Unknown Indica
  • Bred by: Nirvana

The Max 49 strain of marijuana was haphazardly found in a stray tray of cannabis clones. The professional breeders at Nirvana went ahead and flowered them out. They grew vigorously and flowered quite early. Tight buds were formed, looking like Mike Tyson's fists and lining the stem heavily. Her potent resinous glands smothered her, making it difficult to see anything beneath them. The Max 49 cannabis strain became very popular amongst growers on the West Coast of North America, particularly those ultra-cool Californians! And although the parent strains are unknown, most experts agree that a male Indica plant was crossed with a female Sativa. Later, she was recrossed in order to produce strong, stable 100% female seeds.'s Max 49 Marijuana Buzz Rating: Sativa/Indica Mind/Body Pleasures That Keep You Up!

By nature, the Max 49 cannabis strain produces plants that branch heavily and stay short. If you are cultivating Max 49 marijuana indoors, and especially if you are employing a SoG technique, you will need to prune her at least once as she enters into flowering. Many growers also prune again at the beginning of the third week of flowering. In this manner, she can be trained to grow a single central cola on a powerful, stout stem. Give her what she needs and you can count on foot-long bud colas that are up to 2 inches thick. She should top out at about 30 inches tall and generate floral aromas and tastes that are sweet and pleasant. She produces an intense, energetic and focused buzz that simultaneously reduces many types of bodily pains. Enjoy Max 49 marijuana!

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FumarMota | Dec 30, 2013
To start, I am a medical connoisseur. I have used this resource a few times. I am not from Cali, however I have been trying for years to pull this strain from the Bay area. I call Nirvana and when I get a lady worker, they are the producers of this strain (I have called 3 different times, with this response). When I call Nirvana, and get the guy worker, he says no they are not the producers, and has even questioned where I received this info, has I am not the only person who has called them looking. lol I guess the search continues. All ratings to the right, are from a research point of view, not a "a consumed" point of view. If you are legit and on the up and up, and CAN get this strain or seeds of, please try to communicate through this site. Thank you.
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