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Malawi Gold Strain

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  • Type: Malawi Sativa
  • Yield: Extra Heavy
  • Flowering Time Required: between 84 and 112 days;
  • Cross: Straight Sativa from the Salima region of Malawi, Africa
  • Bred by: African Seeds

The Malawi Gold marijuana strain has an absurdly long flowering time, but it's worth every second of it! Extra heavy, red-to-purple, dense, sticky and resinous bud colas develop as long as 2 feet and most often need tied up so they don't snap their stalks! These Christmas tree-shaped buds of equatorial Sativa are uncrossed and represent one of the world's truest Sativa strains. She likes to grow as tall as you'll let her and is capable of generating loads of lateral branching. She smells refreshing, bright and sweet. She tastes a little bit bitter, but is balanced well with hints of almonds and pineapple.'s Malawi Gold Marijuana Strain Buzz Rating: Straight African Sativa Head Highs That Can Induce Hallucinatory Visions And Spiritual Awakenings!

When cultivating Malawi Gold cannabis in your home, you should keep her daytime temperatures right around 80 F. Let night time temps drop into the low sixties. Think about where she hails from and keep your humidity levels as close to tropical as you can without endangering your grow with mold, mildew or microbes. Don't be shy with you nutes either because she's a heavy either and can take them in, use them up and ask for more. Although you can remove some of her lower branching, she does not perform best as a single cola plant. You can top her early in her vegetative state to produce a more evenly-balanced canopy with multiple top-level cola formations.

Planting the Malawi Gold strain of cannabis outdoors will resort in plants that stand between 6 and 9 feet tall, depending on where they're being grown and the grower's expertise levels. Growers in Malawi cure their buds wrapped tightly in banana leaves to give them a gold-hued color and extra sweetness to the palate. You can cure your Malawi Gold buds in plastic containers or Mason jars and still achieve stunning results. The Malawi Gold marijuana strain grows some of the finest quality, and largest, buds of any strain. Every serious cannabis connoisseur needs to experiment with this strain!

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