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Maine Gets First Dispensary Strain

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In Frenchville, ME yesterday, the Associated Press reported that the state received its first medical marijuana dispensary, operating near the U.S./Canada border.

Unlike many dispensaries in other states who flagrantly market themselves, Safe Alternatives wants to keep a low profile. In fact, the dispensary is simply an average house, with no signs or anything to indicate it was a dispensary. They do, however, utilize high-tech video cameras and floodlights as a security measure.

Although, as is always the case when we’re talking about our beneficial medicine, not everyone in the town of Frenchville is comfortable with the current agenda.

The town is now working on a city ordinance that would put a chokehold on the virgin MMJ industry in Frenchville. The AP reported that this ordinance would be even stricter than the state laws governing medical marijuana growing facilities.

I suppose this just goes to show how important it is to keep fighting towards helping others realize that this is a legitimate and helpful industry and should not be treated like a heinous act.

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