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King Skunk Strain

King Skunk Weed Strain Buy King Skunk Seeds at Discount Prices
  • Classification: Indica (55%)/Sativa (45%)
  • Parents: Skunk #1 x King
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Gardening Skills: Beginner
  • Flowering Time: 9 - 10 weeks
  • Yield: Massive
  • THC Content: 13%
  • Medical Uses: Inflammation, migraines, depression, anxiety, nausea
  • Breeder: Reeferman Seeds
  • Buzz Rating: The flavor is of almost pure Skunk and Kush, with a slightly earthy aftertaste. The high is a mellow mix of being cerebrally clear, while providing a soothing body high, that lasts for a little over a half-hour.

    Appropriately named, King Skunk delivers huge buds that have a moderate amount of trichomes and smell of danky Skunk and Kush. This strain isn't known for being a knockout contender, in terms of potency, but the flavor and yield it provides have most growers scrambling to get this bud.

    After 9 to 10 weeks of flowering and a solid 4 weeks of vegetation, growers will have an indoor harvest that can amount to as much as 415 grams per square meter. Outdoors, King Skunk has been known to produce 2 pounds per plant, under ideal conditions. One thing to watch out for on King Skunk is powder mildew. These ladies will require sufficient ventilation. Other than that, they will practically grow themselves. Soil seems to give the best results, with generous amounts of nutrients being administered.

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