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Kerala Krush Strain

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  • Type: Sativa/Indica Hybrid
  • Yield: Medium to Heavy
  • Flowering Time Required: between 63 and 77 days;
  • Cross: Original Skunk #1 x South Indian
  • Bred by: Flying Dutchman

The Kerala Krush a strain of marijuana comes obviously enough from Kerala, an Indian state located in the southwestern region of the subcontinent. There are three different climatic zones encompassed by Kerala: the cool, but rugged mountains of the eastern highlands; the rolling hills of the central midlands and the salty-aired coastal plains of the western lowlands. Humidity reigns in the tropical, equatorial Kerala climate; forging dense bud development on the Kerala cannabis strain. She is an incredibly strong hybrid that grows with vigor and resists pests, mold and fungi excellently.'s Kerala Krush Marijuana Strain Buzz Rating: A Clear Sativa-Strong Rocket Ride Into Space With Exotic Spiced Tastes And Aromas!

The Kerala Krush cannabis strain is characterized by medium-height plants that remain slender. It's recommended to top her at least once in her vegetative phase in order to bush her a bit and control vertical stretching when her flowering photoperiod is initiated. The breeder, Flying Dutchman recommends that she be grown in organic soil, but all growing mediums and techniques will work very well if employed meticulously. Her high is Sativa-dominant and she will take you to places unknown to you. Expect an energizing blast of creative energy to be unleashed inside your dome as her intense buzz creeps in, and stays long.

Prepare for a fun and exciting flight every time you toke big on the Kerala Krush strain of marijuana. She tastes of tropical spices and fruits and serves well as a medicinal agent for stimulating appetite, dealing with cramps and settling nausea. Towards the end of her flowering phase (around the eighth week, you will notice explosive bud growth and thickening. Trichrome development is peaking now too and she should look like a snow-covered bush with impressive cola density. If you grow her outdoors, you can expect plants that top 9 feet and are ready for harvest in mid-November. Experience the powerful delights of the Kerala Krush strain of cannabis today!

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Kerala Krush 4.60 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 2 user reviews.
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Guest | Mar 17, 2013
this is a great landrace cross. an excellent hybrid. Not pure, but given the selection of expressions in the gene pool, there is much to be desired.
chronic sufferer | May 21, 2011
This is a great sativa for those who want the effect for more stomach ailments, those that come with pain or other problems. But it is not the most perfect for an overall chronic pain sufferer. It has a good smell and taste that will please the senses though.
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