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Jack Mist Tree Strain

Jack Mist Tree Pot Strain Buy Jack Mist Tree Seeds at Discount Prices
  • Classification: Sativa (95%)/Indica (5%)
  • Parents: Jack Herer x Kali Mist
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
  • Garden Skills: Intermediate
  • Flowering Time: 10 - 12 weeks
  • Height: Very Tall
  • Yield: Heavy
  • Medical Uses: Depression, migraines, glaucoma
  • Breeder: Kali's Fruitful Cannabis Seeds
  • Buzz Rating: Invigorating? Yes. Rushing? Yes. Inducing slight paranoia? In some cases, yes. This is a true and fiery sativa that is not for the feint of heart. The sheer potency of one or two hits is enough to intoxicate an elephant, so toke with caution. It's also a creeper strain where the climax does not occur for nearly 20 minutes.

    These beautiful, crystal-covered orbs of sheer goodness truly are the nectar of the gods. An inspiring sativa that takes the cake, as far as sativas are concerned. If you're a lover of true sativas, then this is the strain for you. The THC content has been tested as high as 21% and usually ranges between 17% and 21%.

    When cultivating Jack Mist Tree indoors, it's very wise to top, FIM, LST or otherwise manage the height. If left untouched, these ladies can grow to nine feet tall, indoors. Outdoor varieties may reach 12 feet in many instances. The yield, whether indoor or outdoor is absolutely phenomenal, with some outdoor plants yielding two pounds each! Colas are huge and fairly dense, but greenhouse cultivation should still serve growers well, without running into bud rot.

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