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Green Spirit Strain

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  • Type: Indica/Sativa
  • Yield: Heavy to Extra Heavy
  • Flowering Time Required: between 55 and 64 days;
  • Cross: Big Bud x Skunk #1
  • Bred by: Dutch Passion

The Green Spirit marijuana strain expertly crosses Skunk #1 with Big Bud. She was created in order to add stability to the genetic code of the Big Bud strain. You see, Big Bud has always been fairly inconsistent, showing considerable diversity in phenotypes. Adding in Skunk #1 made a huge difference, as anticipated, and the Green Spirit cannabis strain was created! She is a very homogenous strain that performs best indoors under intense HID lighting with CO2 supplementation, proper PH balancing and all of the rest of the very important variables required to create a cannabis bumper crop.'s Green Spirit Marijuana Buzz Rating: Strong And Clear Sativa Highs That Onset Fast And Stay With You!

The Green Spirit strain of cannabis will explode into flowering (as long as you've vegged for long enough to develop a solid root system and adequate foliage). She will grow heavy with resin crystals and produce and extra high yield if you just take your time and give her what she needs. Indoor marijuana growers need to remember that the vegetation phase is extremely important. Plants of any type simply cannot grow and produce heavily without first developing a strong root system. This is of paramount importance unless you don't mind having measly little yields.

Green Spirit marijuana is a superb strain to work with for new and experienced cannabis gardeners. Take your time, do your research and enjoy your cultivation experience with the wondrous Green Spirit!

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sbsdewb | Apr 17, 2011
Serious grower buddy of mine, had an enormous yield from this wonderful speciman. What we predried did the entire thing for me. It hit hard, stayed long and made my pain tolerable.
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