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G4 Strain

G4-Strain Buy G4 Seeds at Discount Prices
  • Classification: Indica-dominant
  • Parents: G13 x Chem-4
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/outdoor
  • Garden Skills: Beginner
  • Flowering Time: 8 - 9 weeks
  • Yield: Moderate
  • Height: Medium
  • Medical Uses: Chronic pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis
  • Buzz Rating: G4 provides an effect that is hard to compete with. It hits hard and fast, like an NFL linebacker sacking the QB, providing intense cerebral stimulating, followed by an even more overpowering, yet highly enjoyable body stone.

    If you're looking for a potent indica-dominant strain that will provide those much-needed pain relieving effects as well as an energetic heady high, then you need not look any further than G4. It's believed to have come from British Columbia and always comes in dense and highly frosted buds that taste of fresh wood, skunk, earth and citrus.

    G4 is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor growth. Her yield indoors will be moderate, while her outdoor counterpart has shown considerable improvement on quantity while retaining that oh-so-precious potency. She’ll flower for 8 to 9 weeks and may take more than a week to show any signs of flowering after the 12/12 switch indoors. She’s also a suitable candidate for either a SoG garden or a ScrOG grow. Look for G4 wherever you get your medicine - or better yet, ask your budtender if they can order you some clones.

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    G4 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.
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    Guest | Jun 15, 2011
    I have this stuff and oh my goodness! This stuff is some of THE most GANKY Bud I've ever had in my life. I have it in 7 freezer bags and it is still seeping through. Defineitely Indica dominant. Some would confuse this with OG Kush but thats just the Chem-4 mixed in and it also is beyond Skunky which is from the G-13 Crossbreed. If you have a chance to snag this, it is one that will really help you and it WILL go a LONG way because it is EXTREMELY Potent. It has that tar, jet fuel chemical smell to it kinda like Headband but not as near Chemically smelling as the Headband. Over all this is a bud that should be in every dispensery and everyone should be able to get their hands on this stuff because this stuff is soooo strong it works like a charm. Just imagine making it into hash or any type of concentrate! That would be the best concentrate out! Good luck to all on finding this. well worth the usual price of any type. Some may charge more because they can get away with it but around here its goin for the low and its the best in town. I hope you all find some because its some of my FAVORITE. As for Taste, it taste like green hit all the way through a bowl. The smell reeks the entire building it is in of skunk, but up close it smells like tar, jet fuel and or chemicals. The Potency is so strong, its extremely sticky and a bit sticky-moist, this healing session has lasted me hours and i only used two bowls. After the first two hits I felt the medication relaxing me. I smoked two bowls to insure the duration. Over all A+++ in my book. Personal Favorite, simply because it smells and tastes almost identical to OG Kush. Hope this helped you all. This is a brand new strain so this should help out. Peace
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