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  • Classification: Sativa (80%)/Indica (20%
  • Parents: Blueberry x Colombian Sativa
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
  • Garden Skills: Intermediate
  • Flowering Time: 11 weeks
  • Yield: Very Heavy
  • Height: Tall
  • Medical Uses: Migraines, depression, inflammation
  • Breeder: Mandala Seeds
  • Buzz Rating: The high is about average, in terms of potency, providing a relaxing yet somewhat upbeat effect that can last as long as an hour, but usually around half-hour or 45 minutes.

    The Blueberry genetics definitely increased the potency of the Colombian sativa, while the Colombian increased the yield of the Blueberry. These buds are absolutely massive donkey dicks that have a fair amount of trichomes and many light orange pistils. The aroma is of sweet candy and citrus, with a very similar flavor. While not commonly seen in dispensaries, eighths of this bud go for $40 in clubs across the Pacific Northwest. When grown outdoors, these ladies should be ready by the end of October or early November, at the latest. When planted directly into the ground it is possible to get up to 2 pounds per plant, with proper training, such as topping, super cropping or LST'ing. Indoors they will flower for a consistent 11 weeks, after a recommended 2-week veg period. It's not recommended to let them vegetate longer than 2 weeks, as they will often triple their height, at forced flowering. If height is not a concern in a grow room, then by all means veg them longer, as it will only increase you yield. Most seasoned indoor growers report getting a max of 1/4 pound per plant - which is still incredibly heavy for an indoor plant. The breeder only offers these seeds in feminized form, so order yours today.

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