Strains Early Swazi Skunk

Early Swazi Skunk Strain

Early-Swazi-Skunk-Strain Buy Early Swazi Skunk Seeds at Discount Prices
  • Type: Sativa
  • Yield: Medium
  • Flowering Time Required: between 49 and 56 days;
  • Cross: Swazi Skunk x Swazi Skunk
  • Bred by: Dr. Green Thumb Seeds

The Early Swazi Skunk marijuana strain is a double serving of Swazi Skunk, bred by Dr. Green Thumb Seeds, to provide a straight-Sativa medicinal cannabis strain that would grow well in the eastern Canadian outdoors. Way back when, she was brought over from South Africa, where Dr. Green Thumb had his first experience with her. She produces a well-balanced and smooth psychoactive reaction when smoked. The buzz is mellow and a good choice for socializing. She's also effective at helping to alleviate depression, compulsive behaviors, obsessive thoughts and more. She finishes early and displays high quality characteristics in her buds. She has acclimated to northern climates over many generations of breeding and is an outstanding outdoor producer. And of course, Early Swazi Skunk cannabis is no slouch when cultivated indoors either...'s Early Swazi Skunk Marijuana Buzz Rating: Straight Sativa Dominance That Sparks Your Mind With Mellow But Consistent Energy...

You can certainly obtain better than average Sativa yield results when you cultivate the Early Swazi Skunk strain of medicinal cannabis inside of your home. She will perform well either as a multi-branching or single central cola plant and can reach heights anywhere between 3 and 6 feet, depending on the grower's requirements and desires. She grows few leaves which are narrow and quite delicate. Her calyx-to-leaf ratio is very high, making manicuring a breeze and producing huge amounts of delicious nectar that builds in crystal form over her buds and the foliage that surrounds them. Her buzz is a kiss of pleasure to your brain that is peaceful, mildly euphoric, smooth and long lasting. She makes the world seem good again, at least for a little while. The Early Swazi Skunk strain of marijuana is one that you can count on time and time again for buzzes that are not too intense to function with and really help you make it through your days. Enjoy some now!

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chronic sufferer | May 22, 2011
This was such a pretty bud I had to try it. It does give real wonderful head high that helps anxiety and depression. It wraps around your mind in a really cool way.
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