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Daddy's Girl Strain

Daddy's Girl Pot Strain Buy Daddy's Girl Seeds at Discount Prices
  • Classification: Sativa (80%)/Indica (20%
  • Parents: Power Plant x Durban Poison
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Garden Skills: Intermediate
  • Flowering Time: 10 - 11 weeks
  • Height: Medium to Tall
  • Yield: Heavy
  • Medical Uses: Glaucoma, migraines, depression, multiple sclerosis, PTSD
  • Breeder: Kiwiseeds
  • Buzz Rating: Daddy's Girl provides an immediate and absolutely soaring cerebral head high that doesn't let up for well over an hour. This bud is a strictly daytime or late afternoon medication as it will keep you up if smoked late at night

    Huge, dense buds that reek of fresh flowers, cantaloupe and with a hint of musk are the staple of Daddy's Girl. The breeder crossed two strains that have origins in South Africa to create Daddy's Girl. The breeder used Durban Poison to pollinate a Power Plant mother. The result is a top-shelf strain that, while rarely seen in dispensaries, is quickly gaining quite a reputation in much of the cannabis community. Daddy's Girl is an ideal strain for the guerrilla grower. The only time is really needs much care is during late flowering, when the huge colas will require support in order to prevent snapping under the weight of the buds. Indoors these ladies will flower for 10 to 11 weeks, after a 3 week vegetation period. Around week 8 of flowering they begin to pack on a lot of density and mass, also putting out a danky almost Haze-like aroma. Daddy's Girl is not available in feminized seeds from the breeder.
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