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Crater Lake V4 Strain

Crater Lake V4 Pot Strain Buy Crater Lake V4 Seeds at Discount Prices
  • Classification: Indica (50%)/Sativa (50%)
  • Parents: Super Silver Haze x (Oregon Huckleberry x Blueberry x Oregon Huckleberry)
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Garden Skills: Intermediate
  • Flowering Time: 8 - 9 weeks
  • Height: Medium
  • Medical Uses: Pain relief, asthma, migraines
  • Breeder: Dynasty Seeds
  • Buzz Rating: An intense yet calming high, Crater Lake has properties of healing, as well as straight up psychedelic trippiness.

    This strain has been over two years in the making, by the breeder. They first crossed Blueberry to Oregon Huckleberry. Then they crossed a female from that breeding to an Oregon Huckleberry male. Once they selected a male out of that breeding, they used that Oregon Huckleberry x (Blueberry x Oregon Huckleberry) male to pollinate a Super Silver Haze female. The result is an outstandingly potent, vigorous, flavorful and stable strain that nearly all connoisseurs of cannabis enjoy. The buds are dark and dense, with faint hints of purple. Trichome production is out-of-this-world.

    There are several phenotypes present with Crater Lake V4. The first, which is also the most common pheno is more on the indica side of the spectrum, has very tight internodes, large buds a very short stretch and an 8-week flowering period. This pheno occurs roughly 50% of the time. The next pheno is one that occurs around 30% of the time and is much more oriented towards the sativa side of the spectrum. This strain has more space between the nodes and will take nine weeks to flower indoors. The high from this strain is invigorating, but can cause paranoia or anxiety in those users who are already prone to it. The last pheno occurs 20% of the time and has smaller, tighter buds with a plethora of trichomes. This pheno will stretch about 2X and should take eight weeks to flower. This pheno is most easily recognizable by the sharp citrus, berry and hash aroma.

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