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Cold Creek Kush Strain

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  • Classification: Indica-dominant
  • Parents: Chemdawg 91 x MK Ultra
  • Growing Environment: Indoor
  • Flowering Time: 10 - 11 weeks
  • Height: 47" - 63"
  • Accolades: 2nd Place High Times Cannabis Cup (2010)
  • Yield: 3 - 4.5 oz/square yd.
  • Medical Uses: Chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, PTSD, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, anorexia, nausea
  • Breeder: TH Seeds
  • Buzz Rating: While you can certainly taste the danky, fuel taste from the Chem-91, the overall flavor pallet is more fruity, floral and sweet, with just a hint of that danky, Chemdawg flavor. The high hits hard and fast, usually lasting for over an hour.

    Itís extremely easy to see how Cold Creek Kush took 2nd place overall in the 2012 High Times Indica Cannabis Cup. In fact, itís actually surprising that it didnít take first, but I guess Kosher Kush was just a better strain that year. By breeding a near-perfect Chem-91 mother with an equally near-perfect MK Ultra father, TH Seeds was able to create a strain with deeply medicinal roots. Both Chemdawg 91 and MK Ultra are ďnativeĒ to Colorado, and when Dutch breeder, TH Seeds got ahold of both of them, the result was amazing. The buds are fairly dense, slightly oval-shaped, have short, rust-colored pistils and are just caked with sticky trichromes.

    Donít worry about the fact that this indica-dominant strain takes 10 to 11 weeks to finish flowering, after 1 month of veg, because youíre not going to believe the rewards Cold Creek Kush can provide you with. Not only does it typically yield 3 to 4 Ĺ ounces per square yard indoors, but the quality is absolutely grade-A. The breeder recommends only growing these ladies inside, although theyíll do fine in a greenhouse, provided you have more than adequate ventilation. They can be somewhat prone to getting powder mildew. Additionally, due to the fact that these ladies will grow to 2 Ĺ times their height when you put them into flowering, itís recommended that you employ a SCRoG or SoG type grow. At the very least, you will want to top and/or LST them. Good luck to you and youíd be hard-pressed to find a better indica strain to grow.

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    Guest | Mar 15, 2012
    love this strain great shit with taste