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Captain Krypt OG Strain

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  • Classification: Indica-dominant (probably)
  • Parents: Unknown Kush
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Flowering Time: 8 - 10 weeks
  • Yield: Moderate
  • THC Range: 12% - 16%
  • Medical Uses: Pain relief, nausea, inflammation, depression, migraines
  • Breeder: Unknown
  • Buzz Rating: A light, but long-lasting buzz accompanies users with this strain. Effects are a good balance of head and body effects, giving users positive, upbeat feelings and relief from stomach issues and pain.

    These buds closely resemble the famous OG Kush strain of cannabis, leading many to believe OG Kush is one of the parents. The buds are relatively small, but dense and have a plentiful amount of trichomes and a sticky texture. Flavors are highly indicative of Kush, with some lemon and pepper thrown in the mix. Look for this strain in a dispensary, as it is not available from the breeder, due to the fact that the breeder remains a mystery.

    Not much is known about the growth patterns of this strain. Only that it's likely an indica-dominant type and thus should flower anywhere from eight to 10 weeks, indoors. Outdoors it will likely be ready for harvest by the beginning of October and should provide a moderate yield. Greenhouse cultivation is probably not recommended, due to the density of the buds. Add this strain to your garden and be one of the first to add a review on the growth patterns.

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