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Bandana Strain

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  • Classification: Sativa (70%)/Indica (30%)
  • Parents: 707 Headband x Snowdawg BX
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Flowering Time: 10 - 11 weeks
  • Height: Tall
  • Yield: Moderate
  • THC Content: 13%
  • CBD Content: 3.5%
  • Medical Uses: Migraines, inflammation, depression, pain relief
  • Breeder: Alphakronik Seeds
  • Buzz Rating: Bandana has a very stoney head high that will last around an hour and gradually transition itself into a relaxed body high that can lead to drowsiness during the comedown.

    Most sativa-dominant strains are not very high in CBD, but Bandana was tested at 3.5% which is quite a bit for any strain, let alone a sativa variety. THC levels are moderate. This strain is the product of breeding a 707 Headband mother with a carefully selected Snowdawg BX male. The result is a strain with great potency and amazing flavors of citrus, Kush and diesel.

    These ladies can double or even triple their height upon flowering, so this is something for growers to take into consideration. When vegetated until they are 3 feet tall, these ladies will typically end up anywhere from 6 to 9 feet. With that said, most growers will only want to vegetate for 3 weeks at the most, unless there is a lot of vertical space for these ladies to grow. Outdoors they can get up to 11 feet tall. Both indoor and outdoor varieties will have big buds but thin branches. This can lead to the branches snapping under their own weight. Growers would be wise to add support stakes to the branches that are sagging from weight. Bandana likes to be fed generous amounts of nutrients and given a long, solid flush of at least 3 weeks.

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