Medical Benefits Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis

Cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis

MS, or multiple sclerosis, is a chronic degenerative disease of the central nervous system, with symptoms that include muscular weakness, a loss of motor control, and inflammation. Over time, patients with MS generally become permanently disabled, and in some cases, death can result. Data from the U.S. National Multiple Sclerosis Society says that roughly 200 people/week are diagnosed with the disease, with most new patients between the ages of twenty and forty.

Both clinical and anecdotal reports point to the ability of cannabinoid drugs to reduce MS-related symptoms including depression, fatigue, incontinence, pain, and spasticity. Among the most recent research is a study from the University of California at San Diego which showed that when inhaled, cannabis can significantly reduce pain and spasticity in MS patients. Other information shows that nearly one in two MS patients uses marijuana for therapeutic reasons.

Other studies have even greater news for MS patients: a report in the July, 2003 issue of the journal Brain says that cannabinoids may actually inhibit the progression of MS, rather than merely providing a means of managing symptom. Specifically, synthetic cannabinoids provided "significant neuroprotection" when tested on lab animals. The study said:

"The results of this study are important because they suggest that in addition to symptom management, ... cannabis may also slow the neurodegenerative processes that ultimately lead to chronic disability in multiple sclerosis and probably other disease."

In the same year, researches at Vrije University Medical Center, in the Netherlands, reported that the use of oral THC can improve immune function in patients who have multiple sclerosis, while a 2006 study of 167 patients showed that they could get symptom relief for up to 434 days without having to increase their dosage of marijuana, when using whole-plant extracts. In fact, the longer they used the drug, the lower their pain scores became.

Health officials in Canada, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom have already approved the prescription use of "plant cannabis extracts" to treat MS symptoms. The European Union and the United States of America have yet to approve the drug, but in the 15 U.S. states where medical marijuana use is allowed, and in Washington, D.C., MS is on the list of qualifying conditions.

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Guest | Nov 11, 2013
Person from KY, consider moving to a state that it is able to be obtained. I have MS, my Dr told me he wants me to try other meds before he will prescribe it to me. He did tell me if I chose to do MMJ, it is best with a vaporizer. Strange how they want you to try the meds with risk of death first. Must be the money the drug companies give.
Guest | Sep 3, 2013
Have had ms for 27 years (age 61 now) Started smoking two years ago and used along with the Copaxone and Ampyra I am walking better than I did 8 years ago. Former nurse. I too feel it has amazing possibilities to cure diseases.
Guest | Mar 19, 2013
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Guest | Nov 29, 2012
I was diagnosed w/RRMS in 1992 and over time it has moved to secondary progressive. When I smoke pot so much of my spasms calm down or stop. I was 22 at diagnosis. I take Baclofen to help some but mmr helps the most
happygrow | Jul 17, 2012
Ditto cannabis gril!
Guest | Mar 21, 2012
The strain..harlequin works good for ms lower back pain and stiffness.....doesn't get u high....low thc ...high cbd......also try northern lights....
Guest | Jan 31, 2012
I am new to this site. I have recently been diagnosed with rrms. I use to smoke regularly for years then slowly quit for work related drug test. That is when I started having health problems and was diagnosed- wish that I never took a break. The doctors have me on medication but tell me there is no cure for ms or the meds that they have me on may be switched to another? Weed is the only thing that I know works. Besides, it is much cheaper, seems to have more positive effects, and I enjoy. I have an appointment with DR. and I want to tell him that I like and endorse mmj- have feeling that he will be against. I live in FL so mmj is not legal- what should I do?
sara jessica | Jan 21, 2012
im new to this site and just got put on the program i am stage 2 ms and yes when i do smoke its takes almost all the pain away
saraj | Oct 30, 2011
im tring to find one that helps not only wit energy but can help eaz the pain
Guest | Sep 23, 2011
i am waiting for a diagnosis but no new lesions because i use mmr daily. i have suspected m.s and going down hill fast. i use it daily a sativa stran maybe im not taking enough or could use another stain any suggustions. my drivers licence was taken away, my gait is poor and my neuro symtems are worsening. i am going to get a mri on my whole body. using cannabis for medication has helped my symtoms neuro.
Guest | Aug 3, 2011
I was diagnosed in '90 after optic neuritis caused temporary blindness in one eye, then numbness in my hands w/pins & needles constantly for several months. I went from smoking alittle pot occasionally to daily use because I was depressed over my diagnosis. I have not had anything more serious than occasional back spasm or neck pain in over 20 years.
Guest | Jul 23, 2011
I was diagnosed with MS at the beginning of 2010 then diagnosed with the type of MS in June of 2010 with PPMS. In the previous 6 MRI's the last one being in January 2011. I had a continuation with more lesions. Then at this point I start MMJ. The last MRI in June 2011 showed at this point there was NO progression of the MS on my brain only a new lesion on my Spine. Keep in mind this is 5 month's of only MMJ when no other med's worked for me. MMJ takes care of THE SPASM'S, THE PAIN, PIN'S and NEEDLES the arm falling asleep effect. HELP'S with the DIZZINESS, BRAIN FOG, HELPS TO FOCUS and concentrate as well more energy to help even with the simplest of task's , the MOOD SWINGS have calmed down alot, and MAKES EXTREME HEAT SOMETIMES MORE BEARABLE. A Indica Strain above 30% works best If you eat first before medicating, you won't get the munchies and can lose weight. If you smoke first you will eat.. .
Guest | Jun 12, 2011
I am in KY. I have progressive MS. My doctor says I should purchase some. He cannot write a RX. How do I go about getting it and where? Thanks
Kushie Q | May 1, 2011
The effects that MMJ has on the brain are absolutely, fabulous. It helps to increase activity when there are problems, Multiple Sclerosis is just one of the many things that can be helped.
| Apr 1, 2011
My freind had this and he said mmj worked wonders. He said he will never go without it.
CannabisGril | Mar 21, 2011
all the great wonders Medical Marijuana can do for us