Medical Benefits Liver Fibrosis

Liver Fibrosis

Liver Fibrosis

While no states currently allow a resident to be approved for medical marijuana for having liver fibrosis, new research will likely change all that. A medical journal, Cell Death and Disease, did research that showed a known medicinal compound found in marijuana, known as cannabidiol (CBD), causes malignant cells in liver fibrosis to induce apoptosis. In English, this essentially translates to the fact that the molecular reaction created between CBD and the hepatic stellate cells (the malignant ones), where the result is cell suicide by all the unwanted cells.

This reaction between the malignant cells and CBD is key to stopping the excessive liver tissue buildup that is created by this terrible disease and which ultimately leads to liver failure and death from this tissue buildup. CBD is already approved for clinical use in a small variety of countries, so this research done by Cell Death and Disease will only further reinforce the need for cannabis as a medicine.

A shocking fact is that liver fibrosis is the tenth leading cause of death in Americans. This terrible disease affects the lives of over 400,000 Americans. It makes sense to me that if we want to help out our country as much as possible, then we should allow something that actually kills malignant and deadly cells in these types of diseases to serve as legitimate medicine.

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Guest | Dec 12, 2012
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happygrow | Jul 17, 2012
Cannabis is good for so many things LEGAIZE it!
lindzzz | Sep 13, 2011
Also this correlates with healthy liver function and alcohol effects and damages the liver more than any other organ. This can be another reason why alcoholics benefit from the use of cannabis.
lindzzz | Aug 20, 2011
As research progresses they continue to discover more and more benefits of CBD. If it can stop excess liver buildup then people should definitely use it for liver fibrosis.