Growing Lighting HID - Ceramic Metal Halide

HID - Ceramic Metal Halide

Available at nearly any respectable hydroponics shop, you can discover the innovation of ceramic metal halide grow bulbs. This type of high-intensity discharge (HID) light has been specifically engineered to resemble the spectrum of light put out by the sun, closer than any other grow light out here. Best of all, is the fact that one CMH light is perfectly suited for both vegetative and flowering cycles.

Additionally, you won’t need an expensive digital ballast with these lights, but rather a standard ballast for HID lighting. Using a digital ballast can actually harm CMH lights.

Depending on the brand you choose, 400watt ceramic metal halide bulbs will put out anywhere from 32,000 to 36,000 lumens, have a bulb life around 15,000 hours, and can typically be places horizontally or vertically. CMH lights also make plants grow slightly faster than normal. If this is an unwanted trait, simply add some silica to the soil, which should slow this process down to a normal level.

CMH bulbs can also get quite expensive, but are worth the cost and will save you money in the long run. Just think about the fact that now you only need one bulb for all your needs.

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Guest | Sep 29, 2013
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@rsdoctorrx comenting to mylsef haha wanted to clarify by what i meant by huge footprint. i am interest more in vertical hydroponics. i also need to get the plants off the ground far enough so the animals wont harvest my crops for me haha. i just chased a family of racoons off the deck the other night. we have cats and squires too which our short fence does nothing to keep them out. just spent an hour looking for 12vcd digital timers. its not happening lol i think ill use a 110 timer i have
Guest | Mar 8, 2013
try grow shops even tho they are hard to find in some areas
Guest | Nov 27, 2012
This ceramic metal halide bulb sure sounds like worth trying.. Where can i get one of these? In Europe, if possible ;)
dominate play | Nov 16, 2012
hey guy's just ordered auto-flowering seeds says 58 day's from seed,1 to 2 ft tall fiminized too,anyone ever grow these i don't have much room so i got pineapple kush and auto cheese feminized to,both r auto flowering any in fo will help,not sure what kind of light i need,
Guest | May 21, 2012
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Just used a Phillips ceramic metal halide bulb in a 400w ballast. by far the best results I've ever had with a 400w. Used for both veg and flower, no joke, just as good if not better than standard hps for flowering at that wattage
Guest | May 4, 2012
For sure a nice option but I always liked to go with a straight sodium vapor lamp towards the very end. I'd run a 1000 watt metal halide on one side of my sun circle fixture and an HPSV on the other side. Then for about the last week or so I'd switch over to HPSVs on both sides. It helped to eliminate the chlorophyl and seemed to help them get nice an dusty. I also wrapped a block of dry ice up in a down sleeping bag and stuck that in there for added Co2 and man you can see after just one day the difference that makes. The first time I did it I checked the next day and it looked like a snow-storm blew through my room. Got to be careful about CO2 toxicity though cause too much of a good thing can be bad in this case. Wrap the ice up nice and cozy to prevent it from fizzling out to quick. Should last about 3 days if you do it right. Also be careful when handling dry ice cause it will frezze-burn you quick.
LED grow light | May 1, 2012
It is looks great.
lindzzz | Mar 2, 2012
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This seems like a way to take the guesswork out of your lighting system. Sometimes it is hard to tell the exact time when you are supposed to change light types, but with these you never have to worry about it! I need to take a trip to the hydro store and I will be asking about these for sure.