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Earth Medical Collective Inc.
7933 Balboa Ave
San Diego, California
CALL US: 858-277-1088
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Guest | Jun 13, 2011
The Friendliness would have gotten a higher number if not for the receptionist. She has ZERO personality. You walk in and say Hi/Hello to her, she LITERALLY grunts at you. I am not joking, she doesn't even make an attempt at customer service, no eye contact, no gratitude, nothing. This is a place that provides medicine for patients, yet she makes no attempt to be kind and caring to the patients. I have made a genuine attempt with her for almost a year now, just in case she was having a bad day or week, but her attitude never changes. Although I did see her smile 3 times total and be friendly, each time it was towards black customers. So I guess she is a racist and doesn't hide it, since I've only seen her be kind to those of her race ONLY, completely unacceptable behavior in this day and age. BTW, she doesn't give bad service to just me, I've seen her do it to EVERY single person that comes in, with the three exceptions written above. It's too late for me, this place has already lost me as a customer because of the "employee" at the front desk. I pay a little more by going to the shops closer to home, but at least I feel that the other shops actually want my business. However, with the lack of a wheelchair ramp and the guys behind the counter getting high in the parking lot and cursing up a storm in the shop, i.e. complete lack of professional behavior, I don't see this store surviving all the changes that the law requires. It's a shame, this store had a lot of potential.
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