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California Judge Says Cannabis is Not A Crop

“It grows in the ground, requires water and sunshine to blossom, and earns Californians an estimated $17 billion a year. But don’t call marijuana an agricultural crop in Tulare County.” Those words are the opening of a story from the … Continue reading

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Nova Scotia Says No to Medical Marijuana as a Special Need

The Department of Community Services in Nova Scotia, Canada, are getting stricter about what qualifies for special needs funding, and the changes to the guidelines say that people on “income assistance” (sort of like welfare) will no longer have their … Continue reading

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Researchers Propose Study on Marijuana and PTSD

The New York Times is reporting on a proposed study from the Santa Cruz, CA-based Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies and a researcher from the College of Medicine at the University of Arizona which is currently seeking federal grant money. … Continue reading

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Billionaire Wants a Pro-Pot Ohio

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting this week that a local Ohio billionaire, Peter Lewis, chairman of Progressive Insurance and a long-time supporter of pro-pot causes, wants to bring the issue home. To that end, he’s asked his attorneys to issue … Continue reading

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Brief: Legal MMJ Moves Forward in Delaware

Great news for the people of Delaware: the state Senate there has approved a bill allowing the medical use of cannabis in The First State, with 18 yea votes and only 3 nays. That vote was on Thursday, March 31st. … Continue reading

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Friday Film Festival: MMJ and Autism

While there isn’t a lot of research on the use of medical marijuana to treat autism, anecdotal evidence says that it can help, especially with extremely violent autistic children. This week’s video is one such story. Enjoy.

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Florida Rep Proposes Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Could Florida be the next state to legalize medical marijuana? That’s the hope of state Representative Jeff Clemens, a Lake Worth, Florida Democrat who has introduced a proposed amendment to the state constitution. Speaking to the press on Thursday, Clemens … Continue reading

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Pot Activist Charged with Tax Evasion

KGW-TV out of Oregon reports that Paul Stanford, the man who calls himself the country’s largest broker of licenses for medical marijuana, has been arrested on charges of failing to pay state income taxes for two years. Stanford, the founder … Continue reading

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MMJ and Kids

We don’t usually post videos on Wednesdays, but this one’s a personal issue for me. I have an eight-year-old nephew who lives in one of the fifteen states where medical marijuana is legal, and he’s been battling a very rare, … Continue reading

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Grow Lights in Home Pot Gardens Cause Fires in Santa Rosa

In less than a week, faulty electrical wiring in indoor marijuana gardens has caused two apartment fires in Santa Rosa, California. According to Battalion Chief Mark Basque, the latest blaze yesterday morning destroyed the apartment unit where it began, and … Continue reading

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