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Firearms Forbidden for MMJ Users

This probably won’t come as a shock to anyone, but on September 21st, the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive issued a reminder letter to law enforcement across the country stating that even if you live in a … Continue reading

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Friday Film Festival: AMEX vs. MMJ

Two months ago, American Express began refusing to process MMJ purchases at legal dispensaries. The Young Turks heard about this and ran a story. It’s bad enough that many banks are refusing dispensary business, but where does a credit card … Continue reading

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The 411 on HR 2306

It’s all over the media – as it should be. On Thursday, conservative Representative Ron Paul (R – Texas) and liberal Representative Barney Frank (D – Massachusetts) joined forces to propose HR 2036 – the “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act … Continue reading

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Montana Cannabis Industry Association Suing to Block Anti-dispensary Law

Attorney James Goetz, working on behalf of the Montana Cannabis Industry Association argued last Monday that a new state law that implements strict verifications of patient conditions and eliminates all sales of medical marijuana is unconstitutional and should be blocked. … Continue reading

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Banks Backing Off MMJ Business Opps

The Chicago Tribune reported late last week about a new element in the struggle to make medical marijuana easily accessible to those who need it: the banking industry. Specifically, because of pressure from federal authorities, many banks and credit card … Continue reading

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Miracle Gro for MMJ?

If you’ve ever done any gardening, you’ve probably heard of Scotts Miracle-Gro, a soil treatment that is supposed to boost the production of healthy, strong plants. It’s a fairly mainstream product, available at almost every local hardware/garden store in America. … Continue reading

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Got a Coupon for That? MMJ Coupons Go Online

The Summit Daily News out of Colorado, is reporting today on a new trend in MMJ retail: online coupons for everything from edibles to equipment to pot itself. This new trend comes even as mainstream sites like Groupon are turning … Continue reading

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Wal-Mart Can Fire MMJ Users, Judge Says

Despite the fact that medical marijuana is legal in Michigan, private businesses have the right to fire people who use it, said a federal judge who dismissed a lawsuit against Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. U.D. District Judge Robert Jonker said that … Continue reading

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Spokane: Hotbed of Dispensary Differences?

KREM.com out of Washington State reported over the weekend that Med Mars Dis, a medical marijuana dispensary in Spokane that was busted by the country sheriff’s office last fall is continuing to openly conduct business, rather than closing down. The … Continue reading

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Friday Film Fest: Introducing iGrow

iGrow has been described as the world’s first “medical marijuana superstore.” This week’s video (courtesy of YouTube and ReasonTV) is all about them, and about medical marijuana as a booming industry.

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