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Nova Scotia Says No to Medical Marijuana as a Special Need

The Department of Community Services in Nova Scotia, Canada, are getting stricter about what qualifies for special needs funding, and the changes to the guidelines say that people on “income assistance” (sort of like welfare) will no longer have their … Continue reading

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Canada MMJ Appeal Scheduled for November

The highest court in Ontario, Canada will be reviewing a landmark decision, come November, which speaks to Canada’s unstable MMJ program and the way production and/or possession of marijuana will be treated there. Why November? Well, two months ago there … Continue reading

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Canadian Judge Gives 3 Months to Fix MMJ Program

The Canadian press is reporting today that a Superior Court judge in Ontario has declared the MMJ program there to be unconstitutional, and has allowed Ottawa a period of three months to solve the problem. In his ruling, Justice Donald … Continue reading

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MMJ May Damage MS Patients’ Ability to Think

While about 16 percent of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients smoke marijuana to ease the bladder problems, emotional issues, insomnia, pain, spasticity, and tremors associated with their disease there’s a possibility that the cannabis which helps soothe their physical complaints could … Continue reading

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