Growing Veganic: Cruelty Free Marijuana

When I hear the word “vegan”, many images come to mind.  Sprawling plates of tofu sandwiches, cheese that’s somehow made of veggies, and a whole lot of green in between.

Now-a-days it’s pretty easy to find just about anything in “vegan form.”  Whether it’s soy bacon or buffalo tempeh burgers, the fact of the matter is that it’s pretty much all an option for the animal lovers out there.  Thankfully, vegan is no longer limited in it’s definition to foods and cosmetic products- you can actually grow your weed with no animal products, too!  Enter: veganics.

So, what’s in the soil, you might wonder? Essentially, this is how it breaks down:

Veganic = Vegan + Organic

In other words, if you’re growing veganic, you’re not using any poop! With this style of growing, there is no guana or bloodmeal being used at any point in the process.

I recently sat down for lunch with Marvin Moses, a good friend and owner of Hills Farmacy, a dispensary in Oakland, CA (   After a bowl (or two) of one of his favorites, Starberry Cough, Mr. Moses shared his knowledge about growing veganic.

Although he wouldn’t give up the exact recipe for the substrates that his one-of-a-kind products are being grown in (all of which are strains unique to Hills Farmacy), Moses did assure me that the foundation of each custom blend is a mixture of various composted liquid plants and teas.  This, when paired with some unique pruning techniques, makes for an ultra clean finished product- and some pretty beautiful flowers.

Both the taste and the smell of the veganic products is very much more rich and flavorful than what I am used to, and the smoke is dense but not nearly as harsh. The veganic effect is much more fortified and (for me, at least) lasts a bit longer than the high experienced when smoking non-veganics.

The (growing) appetite factor with these products is bit quicker to show up, and comes stronger than I first expected.  It wasn’t long after a toke or two that I was chowing down on some vegan delights for the occasion.  Rest assured, though, that my body never left it’s state of perfect relaxation.

Has anyone else grown or smoked veganic? How’d it go?

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3 Responses to Growing Veganic: Cruelty Free Marijuana

  1. Marvin says:

    Just wanted to mention that we are a delivery dispensary. Call Hills Farmacy at 510-292-8717 now for delivery!

    • CannaConnoisseur says:

      Man I wish I still lived in CA Marvin or I’d definitely hit up your dispensary.

  2. lindzzz says:

    Certainly seems like an interesting idea. I know that eating vegan and organically helps your body. I always feel great after a day of good healthy raw food. It makes sense that the same benefits would carry over to cannabis. Also you tend to be able to get higher when you eat well. So maybe it works to make the cannabis more potent as well?