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Friday Film Festival: Dr. Andrew Weil

Lately, it seems that the U.S. government has been doing more and more harm to medical marijuana research. What does the future look like for MMJ? Can we honor the plant’s history and move forward productively? Here are Dr. Andrew … Continue reading

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MMJ Q&A in Michigan Tonight!

In order to help dispel the confusion surrounding the legality of medical marijuana in Michigan, Edith Burney, a youth librarian at the Chelsea District Library has organized a discussion panel on the subject. The panel, called “Medical Marijuana: The Good, … Continue reading

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Friday Film Festival: High Times MMJ Magazine

High Times has been a leader in MJ literature for decades now, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that they also print a magazine devoted entirely to medical marijuana. The fall issue has been on sale for a few … Continue reading

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Cannabis Helps Crohn’s Disease!

The folks at NORML have called attention to a new study that was released via PubMed last month which points to Crohn’s Disease as yet another medical condition which can be eased by the use of cannabis. The therapy was … Continue reading

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MMJ-Related Giveaway

Denver, Colorado’s Westword blog, The Latest Word was given a few Enjoy Jars – which they describe as a “four-part herb container meant to keep your strains separated from one another.” Their bloggers liked the product and decided that the … Continue reading

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MMJ Provider Charged With Election Law Violation

A medial marijuana dispensary owner in Lansing, MI, who advertised free products to patients who registered to vote has been charged with breaking Michigan state election law. Specifically, the owner of the Your Healthy Choice clinic, Shekina Pena, has been … Continue reading

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Marijuana Use on the Rise, Meth and Coke Use Down, Survey Says

Reuters reported yesterday on the results of a national survey on drug use which said that the use of methamphetamines is decreasing while more people are using marijuana. According to the survey, 22.6 million Americans over the age of twelve … Continue reading

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Wednesday Film Festival: South Bay Healing Center

Last week an overturned truck offered San Jose denizens a chance to get free weed, but if you want your MMJ a bit more legitimately you actually have several options. One of them is the South Bay Healing Center – … Continue reading

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