MMJ Film Festival: This Week in Weed

NORML has begun a new weekly video series called “This Week in Weed.” In this, their first edition, they’ve included a poll which says that 55% of Americans are for the legalization of cannabis. They also cover marijuana use by region, and medical marijuana in Israel. Enjoy.

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3 Responses to MMJ Film Festival: This Week in Weed

  1. KushieQ says:

    If you haven’t started watching these you will definitely want to. The little short program is very informative and works toward the goal of legalization so everyone should tune in and support. GO NORML

  2. Reese 10 says:

    Way to go NORML…thanks for all you do in support of MMJ. I will be watching these weekly episodes. Cheers.

  3. lindzzz says:

    I had no idea that the east coast had the most marijuana users. But I guess that they are counting medical and recreational users in that statistic.