Friday Film Festival: Jeffrey Miron on Economics of Legalizing Drugs

From his lecture at the Cato Institute, Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron speaks about drug legalization vs. prohibition from an economic point of view. It doesn’t really specify medical marijuana, or even marijuana at all, but it’s still really relevant to a lot of what’s going on in the federal and state governments.

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3 Responses to Friday Film Festival: Jeffrey Miron on Economics of Legalizing Drugs

  1. KushieQ says:

    Straight from the mouth of a Harvard economist tells it all, prohibition does not work as far as an economic standpoint it doesn’t work. If the rest of the so called educated individuals who are in charge would just see that it doesn’t work then we can work our way to full legalization. In truth what a person uses for their medical needs or even certain recreation issues needs to be up to the person in particular.

  2. lindzzz says:

    We all know that economically it does not make sense to have marijuana prohibition, especially when our country is in such economic turmoil. It is clear that we should all be able to decide what we want to put into our bodies.

  3. Reese 10 says:

    I wonder if people will accept this information even though it is from a Harvard professor. Some facts fall on deaf ears. The ones in control have a chokehold on society and want to keep MMJ seen as evil and destructive. I love this guys arguments, he’s great.