Friday Film Festival – Clearing the Smoke

PBS Newshour produced this video “Clearing the Smoke” which not only talks about the medical benefits of cannabis, but also talks about the science behind why medical marijuana works. Enjoy!

Watch the full episode. See more PBS NewsHour.

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3 Responses to Friday Film Festival – Clearing the Smoke

  1. lindzzz says:

    I recommend watching the full episode. It is great to see people’s success stories with marijuana. When you see the people that have had their lives improved, it is sad to see this woman who is afraid to show her face. She is worried about discrimination, which is awful because you shouldn’t be ashamed of a substance that improves or saves your life.

  2. Reese10 says:

    It’s great to see more and more documentaries and research proving the positive effects of MMJ. I just hope this information reaches the general public so they may be encouraged to get more research done on their own. It’s too bad some people still feel as though they have to hide the fact that they use this God given flower.

  3. KushieQ says:

    I love to watch these. It really is amazing to hear everyone’s stories. But finally if more are produced maybe someday everyone will realize there is huge benefits to marijuana.