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DEA Rules Against It’s Own Adminsitrative Law Judge

NORML reported yesterday that a final order has been issued by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) which rejects a ruling from it’s own Administrative Law Judge who found that the public interest would be served if the University … Continue reading

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Friday Film Festival – Clearing the Smoke

PBS Newshour produced this video “Clearing the Smoke” which not only talks about the medical benefits of cannabis, but also talks about the science behind why medical marijuana works. Enjoy! Watch the full episode. See more PBS NewsHour.

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Kucinich Calls Hempfest Attendees to Action

Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), who may make a bid for an opening representative seat in Washington if his existing seat in Ohio is eliminated because of re-districting, spoke on Saturday at Seattle’s Hempfest. His speech called for – among other … Continue reading

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Biotech Firm Opensources MJ Genome

NPR ran a story this morning about a new biotech company that has recently completed sequencing the DNA of cannabis sativa, but here’s the catch: the company in question is doing this because it wants to breed marijuana plants with … Continue reading

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MMJ Film Festival: This Week in Weed

NORML has begun a new weekly video series called “This Week in Weed.” In this, their first edition, they’ve included a poll which says that 55% of Americans are for the legalization of cannabis. They also cover marijuana use by … Continue reading

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California Judge Says Cannabis is Not A Crop

“It grows in the ground, requires water and sunshine to blossom, and earns Californians an estimated $17 billion a year. But don’t call marijuana an agricultural crop in Tulare County.” Those words are the opening of a story from the … Continue reading

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Nova Scotia Says No to Medical Marijuana as a Special Need

The Department of Community Services in Nova Scotia, Canada, are getting stricter about what qualifies for special needs funding, and the changes to the guidelines say that people on “income assistance” (sort of like welfare) will no longer have their … Continue reading

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Friday Film Festival: Jeffrey Miron on Economics of Legalizing Drugs

From his lecture at the Cato Institute, Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron speaks about drug legalization vs. prohibition from an economic point of view. It doesn’t really specify medical marijuana, or even marijuana at all, but it’s still really relevant to … Continue reading

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DoJ, ACLU Want AZ MMJ Suit Dismissed

Two months ago, Arizona governor Jan Brewer filed a lawsuit asking for an official verdict regarding whether or not the state’s medical marijuana law is legal. On Monday, Federal attorneys asked a judge to throw the suit out, claiming there … Continue reading

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