Friday Film Strip: 40 Years Later

On June 17th, 1971, then-President Richard M. Nixon launched the drug war. Forty years later, it’s become one of our country’s most epic failures. It’s also the subject of this video from ReasonTV. Interesting stuff.

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2 Responses to Friday Film Strip: 40 Years Later

  1. SkillitHits247 says:

    It is always sad when a life is lost due to any drug related instance, especially when these policemen’s intention is only to protect the community…an unselfish act is killed by a someone else’s selfish act. If only more people recognize how unnecessary amount of lives and money thrown away over failed prohibition.

  2. lindzzz says:

    I really enjoyed this video. It was sad to see him get so choked up about his officer friend who was killed, and it goes to show that all types are supporting this cause. It was nice to see someone who was in the system, realized it isn’t working, and is trying to change it. How many more murderers and other serious offenders are released early every year because of prison overcrowding? Too many people end up losing their lives in the war on drugs, whether it be death or locked up in jail.