Nevada Considers State-Sanctioned MMJ Distribution

The Las Vegas Sun reported over the weekend that there’s a new push within the state legislature of Nevada to start a pilot program allowing medical marijuana card-holders the ability to purchase their drug legally.

According to Senator Mike Schneider (D-Las Vegas), such a bill would “eliminate the head shops” which are currently known as an illegal source of marijuana. Currently, those who purchase their pot on the street face felony charges, even if they hold valid MMJ authorization cards.

Under Senate Bill 336, a company or other facility would be set up to grow, store and distribute medical marijuana, and would operate under Nevada’s Board of Pharmacy, though marijuana growing operations would also be overseen by the state Agricultural Department.

Speaking to the Senate Finance Committee about the bill, Senator Schneider said that the program included safeguards. One of them, he said, would require that doctors receive instruction on the medical benefits of marijuana.

Schneider as been working with the U.S. Attorney’s Office to put the bill together, and it has been noted that the pilot program would generate additional tax revenues for the state once MMJ is sold legally, but the committee has not yet taken any action on the bill.

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4 Responses to Nevada Considers State-Sanctioned MMJ Distribution

  1. lindzzz says:

    This sounds like a positive way to provide safety inspected medicine and to inform patients. It is nice to see that someone in Nevada realizes that there is a benefit for the state to regulate and make money from taxes.

  2. bryanfury85 says:

    Very nice. One state at a time. I just wish the southern states weren’t so stubborn. We have plenty of land to run marijuana industry but they are so uninformed and judgmental that they wont go for it.

  3. SkillitHits247 says:

    Even if this bill does not pass in Nevada, at least we are seeing some movement happening all over the nation; which should only tell us to talk and network with people is the fastest and effective way to make a change in the law FOR THE PEOPLE not to imprison them. But at least the benefits for everyone is being recognized.
    I know what you are saying, byranfury85; I just met some people who moved sold and left everything they have and love in Georgia to California JUST SO THEY can benefit from medical cannabis. And they said that they live more pain free like they where young in their 30’s again (they are around their mid to late 50’s).

  4. reese 10 says:

    It seems Nevada is finally thinking about accepting MMJ just as their tourism keeps declining. Whatever the reason it’s nice to know they are finally considering their constituants. It would be nice to be in Nevada with the proper medication.