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Nebraska MJ Activists Ready To Court Petitioners

Pro-pot activists in Nebraska have formed the Nebraska Proposition 19 Cannabis Initiative which aims to put a proposed amendment to the state Constitution on the ballot in November, 2012. Last Friday, they announced that they’re ready to begin gathering the … Continue reading

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The 411 on HR 2306

It’s all over the media – as it should be. On Thursday, conservative Representative Ron Paul (R – Texas) and liberal Representative Barney Frank (D – Massachusetts) joined forces to propose HR 2036 – the “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act … Continue reading

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Friday Film Festival: HR 2306

Today’s video is actually AUDIO though it comes from Cannabis Corner and YouTube. It’s yesterday’s edition of the Cannabis Corner “Potcast” and it discusses yesterday’s historic bill, HR 2306, which was proposed in the U.S. House of Representatives. What’s so … Continue reading

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Montana Cannabis Industry Association Suing to Block Anti-dispensary Law

Attorney James Goetz, working on behalf of the Montana Cannabis Industry Association argued last Monday that a new state law that implements strict verifications of patient conditions and eliminates all sales of medical marijuana is unconstitutional and should be blocked. … Continue reading

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Banks Backing Off MMJ Business Opps

The Chicago Tribune reported late last week about a new element in the struggle to make medical marijuana easily accessible to those who need it: the banking industry. Specifically, because of pressure from federal authorities, many banks and credit card … Continue reading

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Friday Film Festival: Decriminalized in Connecticut

For this week’s video, I’m sharing a news spot (thanks, YouTube) about the state of Connecticut decriminalizing the use of marijuana. Enjoy.

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Miracle Gro for MMJ?

If you’ve ever done any gardening, you’ve probably heard of Scotts Miracle-Gro, a soil treatment that is supposed to boost the production of healthy, strong plants. It’s a fairly mainstream product, available at almost every local hardware/garden store in America. … Continue reading

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Oregon Legislature Considers Using MMJ Program as Source of Funds

The state of Oregon, in order to help boost the budget, has decided to double the annual fee for registering for a medical marijuana card from $100 to $200 and tap the fund that money goes into in order to … Continue reading

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Friday Film Festival: Religious Use of MJ

In addition to medical marijuana use activists, there is another group working toward legalization of cannabis – those who believe it’s got a legitimate use in religious ceremonies. For this week’s video we share Monday’s edition of NORML TV, a … Continue reading

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Oregon Next Federal Anti-Pot Target

Watch out, Oregon, you’re the next target in the federal government’s new crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries. Federal and state officials issued a warning to the owners of such businesses last Friday, reminding them that selling marijuana for any purpose, … Continue reading

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