MMJ Dispensary in Long Beach Goes Up in Smoke

The Los Angeles Daily News reported yesterday that a medical marijuana dispensary in a Long Beach, California strip mall sustained roughly $50,000 in damage from a fire. Local firefighters said the cause had not yet been determined.

According to firefighter Matt Dobberpuhl, the first fire unit arrived at The Green Room, an MMJ dispensary in the 1700 block of 7th street, and could see flames, at around one in the morning, but that the fire was out within twenty minutes.

Dobberpuhl said that damage was confined to just that storefront, and that there was no actual marijuana in the dispensary at the time. There were also no injuries, and the people who live in the apartments above the retail space were unaffected.

It was one of the residents who noticed the fire, and called 911.

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5 Responses to MMJ Dispensary in Long Beach Goes Up in Smoke

  1. greg says:

    That sucks. Who knows this may have been some form of vandalism.

  2. SkillitHits247 says:

    Thankfully surrounding tenants property did not get damaged…still sucks.
    I think it is possible that this was an act of vandalism, or could have been something that started from the inside that could have been a simple mistake/error; which could be more likely because the fire was quickly put out. But $50,000 is still a lot to claim in damages.

  3. kushie q says:

    It is sad when any business or home is damaged by fire, but the circumstances of this seem a little fishy. A lot of damage is being claimed, but no weed was at the dispensary, none at all. Odd to me, but that is just me, maybe they move everything at night to a safer location I don’t know. I am just glad no one’s home was damaged so this potential case of vandalism didn’t displace any families.

  4. lindzzz says:

    I am happy that no one was hurt, that is the most important thing. I feel bad for that dispensary because they probably won’t gey any insurance money for a long time. Hopefully they can find another location and continue to provide safe access.

  5. Reese10 says:

    Wow, I just moved from that same area a couple of months ago. The Green Room was one of my favorite places because the staff was super cool and friendly. They always made sure I got a decent amount for my donation. I hope they had insurance and everything works out for the owners. Good Luck and I’m glad no one was injured.