Friday Film Festival: Federal Attack on Dispensaries

This week’s video comes from YouTube user marijuana420medicine, and talks about the federal attack on medical marijuana dispensaries, as well as the uses of hemp. It’s a bit disorganized, but interesting nonetheless.

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4 Responses to Friday Film Festival: Federal Attack on Dispensaries

  1. lindzzz says:

    This video was a little mixed up but I really enjoyed the different quotes on it. I liked the one from Henry Ford about not wasting the forests and mines that its taken so much time to build up.

  2. Kushie Q says:

    I did not vote for our illustrious President for many various reasons, None of which was the color of his skin, but anyway this is a prime example of why I have never been an Obama fan. He has circled around in his policy with marijuana and seems to only be on the side of whomever is in front of him at the time. Therefore he flip flops. If the world could just get over all the stupid thoughts of Reefer Madness and see the great benefits that this plant that was placed here by God himself is really a good thing. No instead they continue to ban the various synthetic substances and push the kids toward even more harmful things. That is the government for you.

  3. Reese10 says:

    I really liked that informative film clip, it says it all. If we could get more documentaties into the mainstream culture we could turn the prejudice on MMJ around. If everyone could just pass on some of the videos or movies we might be able to make some people see the truth.

  4. SkillitHits247 says:

    This is cool short clip! Sums it all up in less than 5mins…
    There have been lots of politicians doing the same ol’ dirty move after they’ve been elected into office; even ones that have made changes in favor of medical marijuana, next thing you know they 180 their views and decisions on MMJ Law (example Montana’s & Rhode Island’s Governor)