Delaware House to Vote on MMJ Bill

The Delaware House of Representatives is scheduled to vote today on a bill to legalize medical marijuana in the state. The bill passed in the Senate in March, with overwhelming approval, but if the House amendment passes, the Senate could see it again.

Under the terms of the bill, people with certain, specific, debilitating, serious, or chronic conditions that could be alleviated by marijuana would be allowed to possess up to six ounces of pot, so long as they have a written recommendation from their doctor.

The state senate changed the proposed minimum age for qualifying age from 21 to 18 before passing the bill on to the House, but yesterday, Representative Don Blakely (R – Dover) introduced an amendment to remove the age limitation entirely, making medical cannabis available to all patients who could benefit, no matter what their age.

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5 Responses to Delaware House to Vote on MMJ Bill

  1. lindzzz says:

    I believe that it is important for people of all ages to have safe access. Bravo to the Representative Don Blakely for realizing the importance of this issue. A sixteen year old has just as much right to use medical cannabis responsibly as a 40 year old. It is up to the parents to make sure that their children are using any over the counter or prescription drugs responsibly and it should be no different for medical cannabis.

  2. Kushie Q says:

    It is funny to me how they can even want to limit the age on what is really a medicine. Do they also want to place an age limit on tylenol? I hope that someday the world will really look at this as what it is. A very useful, safe medicine that works for so many different illnesses and problems that we should instead be seeing the miracle that exists in this beautiful plant.

  3. happygrow says:

    Totally agree with you Kushie Q. Couldn’t have said it better!!

  4. Reese10 says:

    It seems like a lot of states are voting on dispensaries these days. Some all for it and others against. Then just when it seems we’ve won the battle the Feds come along and win the war. Even though the people and states want these dispensaries, as soon as they are up and running they are raided and shut down. Just look at what’s happening in Montana. Anyone else see a pattern here?

  5. SkillitHits247 says:

    I see it, Reese10! Just seems like a set-up; set up for the government to keep tabs citizens who are using marijuana, and once they see numbers/profit (just ends-meat money to us patients) go up for certain dispensaries or cultivators, that is who they target and raid… Remember when they go out and raid these dispensaries, it costs TAXPAYERS MONEY (including these clinics taxes) for them to go in these raids, they take the plants, buds, etc. which everything cost the clinics out of pocket money and the money expected to come back to them after the medicine was donated to their patients.
    Who are the real robbers/criminals and victims here?…