Friday Film Festival: MMJ and Autism

While there isn’t a lot of research on the use of medical marijuana to treat autism, anecdotal evidence says that it can help, especially with extremely violent autistic children.

This week’s video is one such story. Enjoy.

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3 Responses to Friday Film Festival: MMJ and Autism

  1. lindzzz says:

    This story is so touching it made me want to cry. This is proof of the existence of untapped potential from medical cannabis. The fact that they have ‘Dr. Drew’ from popular television as an expert source who approves it may change the minds of some naysayers about medical cannabis. Doctors and scientists discover more and more uses for cannabis every year. How long will it take before people realize that it is a miracle ‘drug’?

  2. SkillitHits247 says:

    Wow, what a touching story! The mother was right to take her son off the HARDCORE DRUGS, a child’s immune system is not strong enough to sustain different chemical drugs, their immune system is hardly establish and trying to establish. Hopefully, with more research with cannabis and autism will back up the benefits of the powerful-miracle flower for a wide variety of diseases and illness.

  3. Reese10 says:

    I’m glad Joey’s story is having a happy ending and he’s finally getting the right medication he so desperately needs. That poor child has suffered enough and it was heart warming to see the big smile on his face. Thanks to Dr. Drew people may take this as a serious option for other patients to use.