Friday Film Festival High Times Cannabis Cup: Sativa Entries

So the High Times Cannabis Cup is going on in Colorado this week, and we thought it would be cool to share their video of the Sativa Entries. Enjoy.

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5 Responses to Friday Film Festival High Times Cannabis Cup: Sativa Entries

  1. lindzzz says:

    The first place winner, Snow Dog, looked so good! Where can I sign up to be a taste tester? Nice video, looks like they had some excellent quality cannabis.

  2. Chief says:

    I can honestly say I have never seen such frosty buds, ever. I wish this were in California, I would def. be making the trip just to go. I wonder what the THC content is of Snow Dog. I’d make a trip just to sample some of it. Hats off to the grower(s).

  3. SkillitHits247 says:

    These buds did look fantastic! However I have found bud just as frosty or more, my favorite spot the W.E.E.D. in Studio City and their sister club S.C.P.O.T. (Studio City Private Organic Therapy) great buds and concentrates.
    But how can I become a tester for a festival?!! (Professional-All-Day-Smoker right here! naw, I got career but open to changing…haha)

  4. greg says:

    How do u become a judge?Those buds all look great

  5. Bud Selektor says:

    So awesome to see this! I and most of my friends really appreciate the Sativa strains. They are always a great head high, and provoke me to be more active and creative. Thanks for the post!