Texas Township MMJ Moratorium Advances

A proposed moratorium on medical marijuana businesses has been approved in Texas Township, MI, on its first reading, and second reading and final vote have been scheduled for the township board meeting on April 11th.

In order to give the township’s planning commission time to create an ordinance to regulate MMJ businesses, the township board voted unanimously in favor of a six-month moratorium on the issuance of licenses and permits for such business. The moratorium does not apply to patients who grow their own marijuana, or to caregivers who grow it for a single patient in their household. It also doesn’t apply to caregivers who assist patients in the the patients’ own homes.

In a memo to the board, township attorney Roxanne Seeber said that the planning commission is prepared to begin working on the ordinance, and that she feels confident that six months is enough time to both develop and adopt medical marijuana regulations that satisfy all concerned.

Township Supervisor Dave Healy said that under the township’s current zoning regulations a licensed caregiver growing marijuana for others in his or her home would be considered to be operating a home business, which requires a special exception permit approved by the planning commission. There are no caregivers who have applied for such permits in Texas Township so far.

According to Healy, the greater challenge, and one not currently addressed by the township’s existing ordinances, is caregivers who wish to cultivate marijuana together in shared commercial space. The moratorium will give the township the necessary time to make intelligent decisions about how such uses should be regulated and controlled.

Seeber added that the Michigan state law which legalized medical marijuana in 2008 allows certified patients to have a maximum of twelve plants for their own use, while caregivers are allowed to supply up to five patients, growing up to twelve plants per patient.

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4 Responses to Texas Township MMJ Moratorium Advances

  1. lindzzz says:

    It seems like they should have figured out the proper laws and small details back in 2008. It is true that six months doesn’t sound that long, but this could stop places from opening closer to those who need it or can’t get to it. Cannabissearch says there are 90 dispensaries in Michigan; are they going to put a pause on the existing ones also, or make them reapply according to new laws in six months? If so a lot of patients will be out of medicine and out of luck.

  2. MrDoc says:

    I’d like to reiterate what Lindzzz mentioned, I don’t get why the details are being figured out now. Figuring out laws and regulations isn’t some strenuous act, so I hope they just come to a conclusion of what they feel is right for the town. I can only hope they don’t ruin it for everyone who is already comfortable with the situation with medical marijuana out in Texas township, MI. Ruin could be a harsh way to put it but taking medicine for any limited amount of time from patients can cause alot more pain, grief, agony than the law/regulation writers even know.

  3. sbsdewb says:

    It always seems that the patients are the ones who end up suffering, even more than they already do. I hope for those people that the things are worked out to everyone’s satisfaction, because when a person is suffering from chronic severe pain or other med problems even one day is too long to be without their medicine. Good luck Michigan.

  4. Medicator says:

    I hope the patients and pro cannabis population is getting involved by making their voices heard. During the six month moratorium they have a chance to get media exposure by publicly announcing the medical benefits of marijuana. The more attention advocates can bring to the issue the more likey they are to have things go in a positive way.