New Jersey Announces MMJ Dispensaries

Earlier today, the New Jersey state health department released the names of the applicants chosen to actually open licensed medical marijuana distribution centers. The announcement came in spite of the fact that the current legislature is still working to overturn the restrictive medical marijuana program rules that were drafted by Governor Christie’s administration.

According to the New Jersey Compassionate Use Marijuana Act, the health department must license two “alternative treatments centers” in each third of the state (northern, central, southern) for a total of six centers which must be incorporated as as non-profit agencies.

In addition to the cultivation, packaging and selling of medical marijuana, New Jersey Health and Senior Services Commissioner Poonam Alaigh expects these centers to remain commercially viable, while also tracking patient data, including the type and quantity of marijuana each patient is using, and how each patient responds to treatment.

The people and organizations applying for distribution licenses had to pay a fee of $20,000 (though candidates not selected will recoup $18,000 of that), prove that their locations are not in drug-free school zones, and prove that they otherwise conform to local zoning ordinances.

So who are the six legally-sanctioned distributors? According to they are:

  • Breakwater Alternative Treatment Center, Corp., Ocean, Central Region; Board of Trustees/Officers: Richard Lefkowitz, CEO; H. Alexander Zaleski, COO. The ATC would be located in Manalapan, Monmouth County.
  • Compassionate Care Centers of America Foundation Inc., Jersey City, Central Region; Board of Directors: David Weisser, Michael Weisser and Anastasia Burlyuk. The ATC would be located in New Brunswick, Middlesex County.
  • Compassionate Care Foundation Inc., West Trenton, Southern Region; Board of Trustees: William J. Thomas, David Knowlton, James C. Herrmann, Ann Marie Hill, Jeffrey Warren, JoAnn Lange, Mark Dumoff. The ATC would be located in Bellmawr, Camden County.
  • Compassionate Sciences, Inc. ATC, Sea Cliff, NY, Southern Region; Board of Trustees, CEO Richard Taney, Dr. Steven Paterno, CFO Jack Burkolder; Webster Todd. The location of the ATC is undetermined, but will be located in either Burlington or Camden County.
  • Foundation Harmony, Cliffside Park, Northern Region; Board of Directors: Maria Karavas, Ida Umanskaya, Margarita Ivanova and Dmitri Bajanov. The ATC would be in Secaucus, Hudson County.
  • Greenleaf Compassion Center, Montclair, Northern Region; Board of Trustees: Joseph Stevens, president, CEO; Jordan A. Matthews, Robert J. Guarino. The ATC would be in Montclair, Essex County.
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3 Responses to New Jersey Announces MMJ Dispensaries

  1. Chief says:

    Wow, they are actually tracking how much medication each patient receives? I wonder how this will affect the way that patients medicate, maybe they will have to be a bit more precise in measuring out the medication each time that they need it. That must be a lot of information that they are holding on to. I still think that it’s better than them not having access to it at all.

  2. This is a good news for New Jersey, especially in the midst of all the legal issues facing the MMJ community out there. This has to be exciting for everybody involved. The CEO’s and members of their teams are extremely fortunate to be on the ground level of something so historic. Kudos to them.

  3. Bud Selektor says:

    In some states (like CA) a doctor can prescribe more MMJ to patients that need it. I hope that the govt. doesn’t get involved on amounts issued and keeping track of these amounts. But progress is good and forward momentum is always welcomed.